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Since 1880, Peoples State Bank has offered customers a safe and secure place for their money. Over the past two decades, Peoples State Bank has become one of the safest and best capitalized banks in the area. It is consistently rated a FIVE STAR BANK, the highest rating by BAUER FINANCIAL INC.

A renewed commitment to Cherryvale and the surrounding communities is a new focus of Peoples State Bank. By supporting the small businesses, farmers, groups and families in the area, Peoples State Bank proudly reinvests its deposits into the community.

Peoples State Bank is very pleased to be able to offer its financial strength and stability to the people of Cherryvale.

Officers and Board of Directors


Bert D. Blackard,

Samuel E. Blackard,
Executive Vice President

Shelley M. Ward,
Assistant Vice President

Board of Directors:

Bert D. Blackard,

L.J. Bahr

Samuel E. Blackard

Joseph E Long

Richard E. Gill





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Peoples State Bank of Cherryvale