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Peoples Advantage Checking Account

Checking with IDProtect® Benefits1!

There's never a variable service charge for you as a Peoples Advantage Checking member, regardless of your balance or the number of checks you write. Service charge is a flat $8 a month. This account offers these services below and much more.


  • No minimum balance
  • Discounted Personalized Checks
  • Three complimentary Stop Payments per month
  • Payment Card Protection
  • Three complimentary Money Orders per day
  • Travel and Leisure Discounts*
  • Shopping Rewards*
  • Identity Theft Expense Reimbursement Insurance2
  • Comprehensive Identity Theft Resolution Services
  • Debit and Credit Card Registration**
  • Credit File Monitoring**
  • Credit Report and Score3
  • Credit Score Tracker3,4
  • Identity Monitoring**
  • Online Identity Theft News Center and Valuable Phone and Web Resources**
  • Financial Wellness 360*
  • Cellular Telephone Protection2
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance2
  • Debit Advantage®2
  • Roadside Assistance Service2
  • Health Discount Savings**


* Available via mobile and web only

** Registration/activation required

1 Benefits are available to personal checking account owner(s) and their joint account owners subject to the terms and conditions for the applicable Benefits. Benefits are available to non-publicly traded businesses and their business owner(s) listed on the account but are not available to employees or authorized signers who are not owners. Benefits are not available to a “signer” on the account who is not an account owner or to clubs, organizations and/or churches and their members, schools and their employees/students. For revocable grantor trusts, Benefits are available only when a grantor is serving as a trustee and covers the grantor trustee(s) and their eligible family members. For all other fiduciary accounts, Benefits are available to the beneficiary, who must be the primary member, and his or her eligible family members (Fiduciary is not covered).

2 Special Program Notes: The descriptions herein are summaries only and do not include all terms, conditions and exclusions of the Benefits described. Please refer to the actual Guide to Benefit and/or insurance documents for complete details of coverage and exclusions. Coverage is provided through the company named in the Guide to Benefit or on the certificate of insurance. Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance document is enclosed. The other Guide to Benefits can be found online at or through the Club Checking mobile app. If you wish to name a beneficiary for your Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance coverage, please complete a beneficiary form. If there is no designated beneficiary on file, benefits will be paid according to the Master Policy. As an eligible account owner, you are enrolled as a member of the Econocheck Association, of which your financial institution is a sponsor. For more information, please visit or call 866-210-0361. Insurance Products are not insured by the FDIC or any Federal Government Agency; not a deposit of or guaranteed by the bank or any bank affiliate.

3 Credit Score is a VantageScore 3.0 based on single bureau data. Third parties may use a different VantageScore or a different type of credit score to assess your creditworthiness. Once you have activated credit file monitoring, you may request your credit score. Once you have done so, you will have access to your score on a monthly basis.

4 Credit Score Tracker: Once credit file monitoring has been activated and you have requested your first credit score, you may request a new credit score each month to be plotted on your Credit Score Tracker graph. Monthly email notifications will be sent to let you know when your new score is available.

Cherryvale Charger Checking

Support USD 447!

Peoples State Bank will donate $1 per month to USD 447 each and every month you maintain your account. Enjoy supporting your local school and excellent benefit checking for only $5/month.


  • No minimum balance
  • One free Stop Payments per months
  • Discounted Charger Checks
  • Free Money Orders
  • Half Price Safe Deposit Box
  • Other Free services available


Peoples Choice

  • Free Checking Account
  • Checking on a Budget

There are no monthly service charges. All other deposit account fees apply. Return of statement only-no check images.


Interest Checking Account

Checking Plus Interest!

Interest will accrue at the disclosed Annual Percentage Yield (A.P.Y.) on daily balances in excess of $1,500. For A.P.Y. and additional information, please contact us today.


Monthly Fees:

Monthly fees for the Interest Checking Account
Minimum BalanceMonthly Fee
Minimum Balance
$0 - $1,499
Monthly Fee
Minimum Balance
$1,500 +
Monthly Fee


Money Market Deposit Account

A Good Place to Keep a Reserve

Interest will accrue at the disclosed Annual Percentage Yield (A.P.Y.) on daily balances in excess of $1,500. For A.P.Y. and additional information, please contact us today.



Benefits for the Money Market Deposit Account
Minimum BalanceMonthly Fee
Minimum Balance
$0 - $1,499
Monthly Fee
Minimum Balance
$1,500 +
Monthly Fee


Commercial Checking

For All Your Business Needs

$5/monthly service charge. 10¢ Earnings Credit/$100, based on minimum monthly balance.


Statement Savings, Certificate of Deposit & Individual Retirement Accounts

Put Your Money to Work

For Annual Percentage Yield and additional information, please contact us today.

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